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Meet the Students

We invite you to help transform lives today for Next Generation Haiti

Next Generation Haiti Program was established to assist children from our orphanage or partner agency care with obtaining a university degree in the program of their choice.

How your gift will help:

  • The student’s tuition and fees for university studies, after a bill is received from the university/college. Payoff books required by university or college.
  • We mentor each student to be sure they are achieving success
  • Computer or laptop as required by school.
  • Uniforms required by school.
  • Medical, dental and eye care.
  • Monthly stipend – not to be entire cost of living for student but a supplement.
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Students requesting entrance into the Next Generation Program must meet the following:

  • The student requesting assistance must be approved by the board of Haiti Children Project.
  • Apply for and obtain admission to a university of his or her choice.
  • Enroll in university courses and request that the university send an invoice for tuition to HCP.
  • Assist with all living and housing arrangements while attending university.
  • Pass all exams required for high school/college graduation and admittance to University.
  • Send official grade report, when courses are complete to HCP.

The Difference You Can Make

From our students, why your gift matters!

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Yesterday they were orphans.
Today they’re in training to be tomorrow’s leaders.

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