Auguste Pierre Jean Renal is one of the students of the Haiti Children Project.

He joined the program at the age of 12 as a little boy. He was very active but shy. He kept asking questions about the operation of electrical appliances in the orphanage. Auguste prefers to try to repair broken appliances. He also likes to make sure that the water circulates properly from the faucets and that the garden is watered. After completing his classical studies, he joined one of the most prestigious universities of Haiti to learn civil engineering, “Université Leconte d’Haiti”. Having had little success, he gave up to undertake the administrative sciences at “Université Quisqueya “, the most prestigious university of the island of Haiti. Auguste once again found himself making insufficient progress, but since the objective of the program is to support students in a profession of their choice, without exerting any pressure on the student in the choice of his profession, had to go through a professional orientation. The program has rules that all students must follow to achieve complete success!

After having a professional orientation with Maillard Magloire, one of the students of the program, Auguste is now one of the best students of his University where he is leaving his mark on the disciplinary and intellectual level, and was selected among the best students who had an internship in Europe. During his career, he visited 6 countries in the Schengen area. Auguste will be graduating in June 2021 to obtain a degree in Electromechanics. We are proud of our students and we thank our sponsors who share our vision for a new generation of leaders in Haiti.

Writen by Maillard Magloire student of the Next Generation program.