I Just returned from a 5 day trip to Haiti. Since March of 20’, I have waited in fear to go and be on a mission in Haiti. To follow up on the projects and people who are waiting on us to move. I decided to overcome my fear and go. My trip was great. Virtually not much changes in Haiti. As I arrive at the airport, it seems quiet, even though the planes coming in were mostly full! I wondered what had held me back. Business people, families, churches, and NGOs were moving about like normal. As I got to the guest house, I had a great meal and a good night’s sleep. The next morning it was a blessing to see all the kids in their bright uniforms going to school … like usual. I had a series of meetings with all the students from Next Generation Haiti, a part of the Haiti Children Project, a special advance project for the Methodist church. Dave and I went out to dinner, and Montana watched the sunset and talked about the great mission we have both been called to. The next day more meetings with our students and a chance to spend some time with the newly reelected  Bishop. I meet with a circuit pastors who shared similar concerns about “why” the missioner are waiting. I met a friend and went out to dinner again, riding freely around Port Aue Prince with no feeling of threat or anxiety. It was just as it always is. Beautiful people in mass were moving about like a dance to do their day’s business done and go home to their family… just like me! I can tell you the crime rate and the COVID rate are higher in almost every US city than they are in Haiti. I can also tell you I don’t see and scripture in the new testament that tells us to wait…… in fact the time is at hand. We are at home going to Lowes, work, school, the grocery…… but not Haiti? Please consider returning as an individual volunteer to let your mission know you still care and follow up or in a small team. The most important part of our mission  is the “Ministry of Presence.”

Please come.



PS Covid testing is available  and easy to get. Dave will make sure you get back home!