Testimonies from our Trips to Haiti


James Carter

During my trip to Haiti helping with a medical and service mission trip, I was amazed on how God is at work EVERYWHERE! After an earthquake, hurricane and several floods, God is still there and I realized that He was using me in His will! We replaced a roof that was ripped off a church from a hurricane, conducted 2 medical clinics and we visited several orphanages. My impact from going to Haiti was so strong, it has clarified God's will for my life as a Husband, Father, son and leader. I has chosen to support Haiti Children's Project a regular basis because of how I witnessed the funds being used. I understand that not everyone can physically go to Haiti, but anyone can financially help this awesome ministry. We are commissioned to carry the gospel to the utter most parts of the world, and I am confident that God has brought the awareness of Haiti on my families heart.

God bless you, and God bless Haiti

Scott Stapleton

Imagine seven people, all with different backgrounds, unified only by the love for Jesus entering into the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Our recent trip consisted of this dynamic group who came together as one and provided new beds for over 60 orphans in 2 different orphanages, built and made operational running water in 2 different buildings, provided a complete interior makeover for one orphanage and conducted bible stories daily for the children in both locations. All in 4.5 days! Our team was tasked with simply finding the beauty of Haiti and her people and developing relationships that would help the future generations of each person that we encountered.

We were also extremely well prepared and knew what to expect throughout the trip. We were also provided bibles in Haitian Creole to give out to people whom we felt that could benefit from them. I am including a photo sent to me after this trip with a caption from the director of one of the orphanages that we worked with.

"Thank you, Scott and friends, for the Bible. I am reading it to the children and sharing a story of how the lesson relates to our daily life— just like you all did for us each day while you were here.”

Erilant Peltrop


Aux Chérubins D'Haïti


Raymond Strawbridge

I am honored to write a testimonial from my trip to Haiti as a volunteer with the Haiti Children Project.

I retired from the military in 2017 and was looking for opportunities to be used for some type of missions work when I heard about a working trip to Haiti with the Haiti Children Project. The Haiti Children Project helps to prepare children so they will become educated, self-supporting citizen leaders who will give back to their community and people.

During my trip I went to both Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Jérémie, Haiti to assist with replacing damaged roofs from a recent hurricane, conducting medical clinics in the mountains, and visiting and bringing items to orphanages in need. While I have done a lot of work in other countries with my time in the military nothing compares with the impression the Haitian children left me with. I saw extreme poverty and unhealthy conditions, but ironically I saw people who had huge hearts for their communities and also were very hardworking and determined to be able to survive with very little resources.

The parents were dedicated to seeing their children in school and appreciated the chance their children had at an education. But the orphanages were heartbreaking and the Haiti Children Project, through years of relationship building in Haiti, was able to immediately address needs that came up even during our trip.

The projects that I saw were not only helpful for the communities but also very essential. Simple things like wells for water, fans for elderly hospitals, and screen doors to keep insects from entering the rooms of very sick people. The Haiti Children Project proved to me, a person with minimal knowledge about international nonprofit organizations, that a lot of change can happen with dedicated people, amazing minds and hearts, and resources.

While not everyone has the time nor resources to join the Haiti Children Project on the ground in Haiti, I would encourage anyone to assist this organization with the time, funding, and resources that they may be able to provide. God is using this organization and Wade and Janet McGuinn to care for people in need and also spread his love and hope to the children of Haiti.

I pray that God continues to use this organization and that others will discover this opportunity to participate in God’s plan for communities in Haiti.