Our Mission

Haiti Children Project and Next Generation Program

In 2003, Wade McGuinn, who owns McGuinn Holdings, a construction management company in Lexington, South Carolina, embarked on a mission trip to Jeremie, Haiti and it was there he discovered his life’s calling.  In 2005, while in Jeremie, he was led to the home of a local Haitian, Jean Renal Alexander, who was caring for 8 abandoned children in his home when he was barely able to care for himself. When Wade returned home, he and his wife Janet were compelled to help. As such, Haiti Children Project was founded.  Both McGuinns currently serve on Haiti Children Project’s Board, speak to groups throughout the country and lead many discovery trips to Haiti throughout the year for potential donors. The McGuinns believe that Haiti Children Project’s Next Generation Program is their calling in life and they continue to work tirelessly to ensure that Haiti Children Project is fully endowed in time for their impending retirement.


The Future

The future is bright for the children helped by the Haiti Children Project – Next Generation Program. Haiti Children Project will continue to grow and expand as funding allows. We are making a real difference in the lives of children and young people by assisting them out of poverty through education. A list of needs and future plans follows:

  • We are committed to the education of the children. Funds are needed to pay tuition and fees for elementary and secondary school.

  • Haiti Children Project has established the Next Generation Haiti program to assist graduating children with obtaining a higher education. Donations are needed to fund the program.