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Dear Wade and partners,

The project that focus on fighting against COVID19 by educating people about corona virus has reached its goal. We see more that 400 hundreds families and the 8 remote places that we mentioned in the budget. The team was working  by doing three actions in all the places  went to :

  • We educated people in many remote places and in the jail of Jeremie about covid19  and how to protect themselves from this disease and we even hire a mobile sound that was patrolling the whole city by educating the whole population about COVID 19. 
  •  In all the places we visited did consultation for most of the people that were in need for care above all the old people and all this by respecting all the rules  to protect ourselves and all the rest of the patients against COVID19.
  • And finally we provided some kits of food(rice, beans and oil) to the prisoner of the jail of Jeremie and to more than 400 hundred families that we visited in the remote places of Jeremie where this a lack of access to care.

The situation with the covid19 is becoming more serious everyday in Jeremie, so our next plan is to  take more action and more remote area in the countryside to do prevention against covid19. We would like to cover 8 more areas in the prevention against covid19.

Before all, we have a new section in the clinic that takes care of the patient that we suspect with covid19 and we provide the first aid and do counseling to all the patient. 

Because we are receiving  a lot of patients with fever headache and cough so need some financial support to buy some medicine that can strengthen the immune system and against cough, against fever and so on and we would like  to continue with this process  for at least one year to reduce as much as possible the impact of covid19  among the population.

Dr. Marx Mignard-St. Claire
2009 Medical School Graduate
Next Generation Program

Support Haiti Children Project

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