August 2018 HCP Update

Did You Know


Haiti Children Project started as an orphanage in Jeremie, Haiti in 2000. Since then it has undergone many changes and has transitioned into a foster care and education program whose mission is to raise a new generation of Haitian leaders.

Our students, previously with no hope or future, have graduated from major universities in Haiti and now serve as engineers, nurses, and doctors. This is thanks to the support of our donors. We currently have over 25 students at different levels attending school, and their care providers are receiving financial and spiritual assistance from HCP.


Recently we have partnered with Friends for Heath in Haiti, to support their four pillars of service: Curative (medical), Preventative (water and sanitation), Livelihoods (micro entrepreneur and goat program), and Spiritual (VBS and teaching). We have already done the medical mission and launched the micro entrepreneurs and goat programs! We believe this partnership will create strong families and relieve the need for orphan or foster care over time.



Pray for the integrity of our partnership with Friends for Health in Haiti. Pray for Dr. Wolf and Cherlee, who have dedicated their lives to living in Haiti at the mission. They are partnering to build strong families who will not need outside help one day.

Pray for each child of Haiti Children Project. Pray that God will give them a strong mind and heart. Pray that they will grow to change Haiti through the power of God.

Pray how Mt. Horeb attendees can partner in this ministry by going to serve and by giving to support those that do.


This ministry allows both short-term missioners and donors to support work that truly glorifies God.  Nearly every command that Jesus gave us is part of this four pillar ministry. We believe that God does not call everyone to Haiti. However, God does call each of us to some ministry. If God has called you to a mission field outside the US, this is a unique opportunity to serve because of its proximity to the US. Less than a day away is the poorest people in the western hemisphere. Most people want an opportunity, not a handout. By giving or serving you can experience the life-giving love of Jesus as we fulfill the great commission with our own hands and feet.

A verse and a story

In scripture God gives men new names more than 11 times, from Jacob to Peter…… and now Yvon. When God gives a new name, it indicates that something new has happened! This is truly a miracle. Even more important in our ministry is we believe God's word when he says in Jeremiah 29: 11-13, that He has plans to prosper us and to give us a hope and future. We believe this, and it includes the poorest of the poor from a remote part of Haiti known as Jeremie.

More than 15 years ago a small shy boy came to live at the HCP orphanage. He had no one to care for him. His name is Yvon Sarah. He always had a curiosity about mechanical things. He would help with the batteries and the generator and work on anything broken around the building. Yvon did well in school. He had a special heart for all the other kids in the orphanage. Always putting them first. Helping any way he could. He was able to finish high school with grades good enough to get into the University. Today he is a rising senior at Quisqueya University in Port Au Prince.

He believed in God, knows the power of Jesus, and never doubted that God has a plan for him.  God gave Yvon a new name. Last summer he was serving through an engineering internship at a major municipal water facility. He said everyone knew he had excellent skills and would call out for his help “engineer Yvon". He said for the first time in his life he had a name and a future. Yvon Engineer. Praise God.

Thanks to our donors and our short-term missioners, Yvon has the faith and hope it took to get a new name. No longer an orphan but a man, an engineer, for God. A witness and testimony to Gods power and grace. A man of God capable of changing the future of Haiti. Our mission, Gods mission, now Yvon's mission.








Jacob Carter