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UMVIM SC and Michigan Send Supplies

Haiti 1 2017 1            Haiti 1 2017 4

The storehouse was empty but UMVIM SC and Michigan filled a shipping container and sent it on it’s way to be received in Jeremie, Haiti. The container was full of tarps, a generator, pharmacy supplies and the list goes on.  The need was great and the donors came through, as always!

The container was on it’s way but to be sure the supplies went to the where they were designated, we had to see it in person.  Along on this journey were, John and Nancy Smith.  They are part of Jeremie Haiti Project and the Michigan UMVIM. Tireless in their efforts for the poor and suffering, they took on the task of making sure this container was received, inventoried and delivered to it’s final destination.


The cupboards were bare no longer!     Haiti 1 2017 6

God bless UMVIM, Jeremie Haiti Project and Haiti Children Project.


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