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The Future for These Orphans

IMG_20170427_145923726 The future of Haiti Children Project: As we explore ways to continue to grow, we made a trip on April 27 to visit two orphanages operated by other organizations. They were the institutional type orphanages that we hope to be able to partner with in order to move kids back to their villages and back to their extended families! What we saw was sad. Institutionalized orphan care is below substandard. In fact, it is shocking. 8 children sharing one shed with a concrete floors and blankets for a mattress are locked in at night for their safety……… often with little to no food that day. This has to change. In HCP Stipend and School Program our kids are kept in community with extended families who love and care for them. We subsidize the household living cost with a small stipend to keep financial stress down on the caregiving family and we also fully fund all school fees including tuition, books, shoes, and uniforms.


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