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School and Stipend Program

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The School and Stipend Program

We are excited to share with you how the children in Jeremie are doing.  We went on a trip immediately after Hurricane Matthew, to help with relief and to be sure that all of the children were fine.  Ten of the children are living with extended family and the others went back to live in the orphanage that they came from originally.  We had to see for ourselves that they were all well.  As you can see from the pictures, we found them all doing just fine.

Then on a second trip to Jeremie, in January 2017, we met with the families of these ten children (not pictured was Jamesly, he was working). These families were struggling with the cost of school, uniforms, books and even just basic necessities.  That’s where the idea to start a new program began, The School and Stipend Program.  The program provides school expenses, along with a small stipend to help with the burden of providing for the family.  We believe that it is God’s plan, for as many children that can, should live with family.  We would love to expand this program to give families the support they need to provide a better life for their children.

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