Our most recent news from Haiti.

  After seeing the devastation with our own eyes, I think we are better prepared to help meet the immediate needs of the Haitian people. The cholera and malaria outbreaks are huge. The pilot that has taken us to Haiti many, many times has offered to fly medications back to... Read More →
Oct 2016
“I woke up and walked out of my room to again see total destruction.  But look at the first thing I saw”. Praise Him.” Wade Maybe you’re thinking that someone put it up there, after the storm.  I choose to believe that it was there through the storm. Read More →
I am on the road, bound for Haiti pulling this trailer to the airport in Atlanta to load the plane. We did not start asking our donors until Monday for help, and it is now Thursday morning and we have approximately 300 pounds more than will fit in the plane. Currently a total... Read More →
From: Wade McGuinn [mailto:wade@mcguinnhomes.com] Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 5:23 AM  There is so much in this life we do not understand. If you are reading this then you know of the devastation of Matthew in Haiti, specifically to our friends and mission partners in... Read More →
Axary fully on line now. . .texting, calling, etc.With nearly every other home around theirs destroyed, Axary’s parents cinder block walls/concrete roof home is now a community shelter of sorts with every square inch spoken for overnight . .so very much like Haitians to... Read More →
Just in from my friend and missioner Dave Draeger Cell phone communications with the entire Southern peninsula of Haiti are out of service. The bridge at Petit Goave has been destroyed preventing travel to the Grand Anse Department. It will some time before we can have... Read More →
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