Our most recent news from Haiti.

     The School and Stipend Program We are excited to share with you how the children in Jeremie are doing.  We went on a trip immediately after Hurricane Matthew, to help with relief and to be sure that all of the children were fine.  Ten of the children are living with extended... Read More →
                                                         This mobile clinic doesn’t look anything like where you might go to get medical care!  But for the 180 patients that were seen on this day, it was a miracle. Dr. Marx was our very first graduate of Next Generation. ... Read More →
We made a trip two weeks ago to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to visit and encourage our Next Generation students.  Everyone was doing well and it was wonderful to see them again.  A couple of them were not able to attend because of school classes or working. We even met up with David... Read More →
            The storehouse was empty but UMVIM SC and Michigan filled a shipping container and sent it on it’s way to be received in Jeremie, Haiti. The container was full of tarps, a generator, pharmacy supplies and the list goes on.  The need was great and the donors came... Read More →
Haiti Children Project will be filling a shipping container with tarps and clothes to be shipped to Jeremie very soon.  With roofs blown away in the hurricane, there is no shelter from the rain or the hot sun.  A tarp is a simple fix until the people can secure a more permanent... Read More →
  After seeing the devastation with our own eyes, I think we are better prepared to help meet the immediate needs of the Haitian people. The cholera and malaria outbreaks are huge. The pilot that has taken us to Haiti many, many times has offered to fly medications back to... Read More →
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