Our most recent news from Haiti.

Jan 2018
This truly was a Psalm 119: 66 trips! American Missioner Attendees  Wade McGuinn, Janet McGuinn, Lee Burton, Robin Ray,  Jac (Oaky) Ulman, Janice Albergotti Haitian Attendees  , Pastor Pastor Badette Noelsaint, Jeremie (Speaker) Jean Yonel Telimon, Gebo and school  Severe Jean... Read More →
Jun 2017
  Congratulations to Benson Delva!  He received a certificate for completing the Cisco CNNA Routing and Switching Program.  He will begin the final course toward a degree in Computer Science.  He has already received a two year degree from EcoleSuperieure... Read More →
May 2017
Next Generation: We met with a beautiful young lady ,who has struggled in her studies, to talk about real life decisions. This is a big part of how we mentor and guide our Christian students. After experiencing challenges from competing in the environment of pursing a medical... Read More →
The future of Haiti Children Project: As we explore ways to continue to grow, we made a trip on April 27 to visit two orphanages operated by other organizations. They were the institutional type orphanages that we hope to be able to partner with in order to move kids back to... Read More →
May 2017
    Disaster Relief:  HCP received money from our donors for the relief effort. Over 30 churches in the area had their roofs torn off by Matthew. These churches serve as community centers, many people’s lives were saved in the Hurricane because these are the only... Read More →
HCP Partnership with Mt. Horeb UMC: Our April 2017 team consisted of 10 men from Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church in Lexington, South Carolina. Mt. Horeb is committed to seeking new opportunities to partner with HCP in expanding the School and Stipend Program, investing in a... Read More →
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