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Dr. Marx and Mobile Medical Clinics

Haiti 1 2017 9                                                         Haiti 1 2017 10

This mobile clinic doesn’t look anything like where you might go to get medical care!  But for the 180 patients that were seen on this day, it was a miracle.

Dr. Marx was our very first graduate of Next Generation.  He now runs a medical clinic in Jeremie, Haiti and is heading up mobile clinics in remote areas, outside Jeremie.

The patients wait under tarps and crowd into make-shift exam rooms, in hopes of being treated for illnesses as simple as an eye infection, to something more serious like high blood pressure.  Because of donations by SC UMVIM, Haiti Children Project donors, and especially Dr. Hal Croswell, we were able to bring medication from our garage to the people in the little town of Bon Bon.

. Haiti1 2017 8                             Haiti 1 2017 11

 It was truly a blessing for everyone.  Thanks to all of our donors for making this day possible.  It is Dr. Marx’s plan to conduct more mobile clinics throughout January.  Please consider what God wants you to do to be involved in these mobile clinics.  Maybe it’s giving, maybe it’s going.  Be open to whatever His will is for you.

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